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Here's what concrete professionals are saying about the "Adjustable Kicker"


“The Adjustable Kicker played a major role in the project exceeding its goals for savings, schedule, and quality. The ability of the Kicker to attach to either earth or concrete was critical to our success, and the Kicker’s durability and ability to withstand the forces we placed against it was exceptional. We were able to complete the job one month ahead of an already aggressive schedule.”
Jason Schulte, Assistant Superintendent for Mortenson


"The Adjustable Kicker saved me around $70,000 because it saved me about 2,200 man-hours."
Jerry Strafford, Senior Project Manager for Taylor-Ball Construction, contractor for the Kansas City International Speedway.


"Labor was costing our company $1,700 per job with traditional form bracing. With the Adjustable Kicker, our cost was $500 per job."
John Baird, Vice-Pres. of P.C.C.


"The quality control that the Adjustable Kicker allows for with its precise forming and bracing is unbelievable. I will require all contractors to use them on my jobs."
Jim Hawson, Project Manager for Triangle Investment Co.


" I will never do form work above 12" without the Adjustable Kicker behind my forms."
Vito Braccia, President of Vito Braccia Concrete Construction, Inc.


"As one of my employees said, 'This is the best thing since sliced bread.' It took less people to do the same
job faster."

Lee Eikermann, Project Mgr for Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.